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I'm not talking to myself

...I'm just the only one who's listening

1 December 1982
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I'm Laura (aka Valdyr) and I run Radio-Active-Music.com (an indie record label & distribution network) founded in Washington DC and now based out of Virginia Beach VA, supporting the best up-and-coming bands in the glam, goth, industrial, and synth rock genres. I work with several dozen bands worldwide on online and realtime promotions, and have twenty releases out on the RAM record label so far. Currently, bands such as 23RAINYDAYS, Delica-M, dharmata 101, Die With Me Tonight, Gravity Euphonic, hERETICS iN tHE lAB, Hopeful Machines (a side project of Ego Likeness), Reaver, Third Realm, Turbulent Soundscape, Vatican III, and XUBERX are signed to Radio-Active-Music.

As for my "side" projects, I was the Head of Promotions at Strangeland Records (an indie record store in Washington DC catering to the electronic, industrial, metal, and punk genres) for most of the two years the store was open. From July 2006 until December 2008, I was also the Associate Promoter / Booking Agent for Midnight (DC's hottest industrial club), and I was the online promotions coordinator for Electricult Records (founded by Dead Inside The Chrysalis in Australia) for several years. I also served as the Journalism Editor for D1 Music Network for several years (the record label founded by Jay Gordon of Orgy) and have provided webdesign services over the years for many bands, such as Psyclon Nine, Fluffy Starr, and Dead Sexy.

In 'real life', I'm a theatre electrician & a/v technician, and freelance for several companies all over Virginia.

When I'm not passing out flyers or hanging lights, I like to spend time watching Family Guy, cuddling my boyfriend, and drinking a beer. Giggidy.